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Press release - euxyl® K 720


something new - euxyl® K 720 The inventive combination for modern wet wipe applications .

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schülke’s new cosmetic preservative blend euxyl® K 720 takes a step forward. This inventive combination is designed for modern wet wipes, rinse-off and leave-on applications with low pH levels.

euxyl® K 720 consists of well-known molecules which are broadly accepted and combine cost-effectiveness with multifunctional activity. It is active against bacteria, yeast and mould up to a pH of 5.5. Challenge test results have confirmed the efficacy of euxyl® K 720 (patent pending).

euxyl® K 720 is an ideal solution for wet wipes and is suitable for sensitive applications. The preservative also gives the additional benefit of moisturising. The global launch took place at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok, Thailand on 31 October - 2 November 2017.

Let euxyl® K 720 protect your product.

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