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  • Press release - euxyl® K 720

    Press release - euxyl K 720

    something new - euxyl® K 720 The inventive combination for modern wet wipe applications .  

  • Announcement Hygiene Prize 2018.

    Announcement Hygiene Prize 2018.

    In February 2018, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation presents the Hygiene Prize to scientists who have solved specific problems in the areas of hygiene, microbiology and preventative medicine.  

  • Fit with schülke!

    Fit with schülke!

    This year, our staff at the headquarters in Germany took part in the “Norderstedt Corporate Run” on the 17th of June 2016 once again. Over a distance of 4.5 km around the lake in Norderstedt city park, our runners, kitted out in octenisept® strips, gave their all and achieved personal bests in the process! 

  • Tradition meets future. schülke launches new website

    Tradition meets future. schülke launches new website

    Customer-friendly, comprehensible and easy in the navigation – exactly how users want a website to be. Especially when it comes to such complex issues like hygiene management, preservation or Specialty Chemicals. And schülke has succeeded with the new web presence 

  • mikrozid® universal wipes. Uniquely versatile.

    mikrozid universal wipes. Uniquely versatile.

    Usable for a wide variety of applications and extremely versatile with excellent material compatibility. 

  • A new production site for schülke.

    A new production site for schülke.

    Extending schülke’s industrial footprint worldwide to strengthen the proximity with our international clients and meet their expectations is a key component of our strategic plan. 

  • Hygiene testing made easy.

    Hygiene testing made easy.

    New mikrocount® dipslides are available! 

  • schülke customer St. Elisabeth Hospital Beckum is Europe’s number 1 for Hand Hygiene!

    schülke customer St. Elisabeth Hospital Beckum is Europe’s number 1 for Hand Hygiene!

    The St. Elisabeth Beckum hospital has won the prestigious “Hand Hygiene Excellence Award 2014”, a Europe-wide competition judged by world leaders in infection control. Participating hospitals have to go through a extremely strict judging regime and auditing process. We are extremely proud to announce that the winning hospital the St. Elisabeth Beckum use almost 100% schülke products. 

  • NEW: perform® dry wipes

    NEW: perform dry wipes

    Our new cleanroom wipes are now available! 

  • perform® range: change of product formulation

    perform range: change of product formulation

    Two products of the perform®-Range will change. 


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